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Meet Shirin.

Your gut is your inner compass. It will never lie to you or mislead you. Follow your inner compass and find your way in life.

Be Your Own North Star

Shirin Ariff

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and award-winning inspirational speaker

Shirin is an inspirational speaker, author, and a life makeover coach committed to helping her clients who are feeling disempowered and stuck in their lives, find their strength and reclaim their power. After braving immigration to Canada, 2 failed marriages and surviving paralysis and cancer, Shirin understands adversity. Despite the lemons that life handed her, she dug deep and found resilience. Today, she empowers others to access their own inner intelligence, take charge of their lives and fulfill on their goals and visions.


No matter what struggle you’re facing, you have the power within yourself to overcome it. Through her three mediums- speaking, writing, and coaching- Shirin relates to people who are feeling defeated. Her powerful coaching equips her clients with the tools and distinctions  to  build inner strength and cultivate self trust. Her mission is to foster a culture of tenacity, self reliance and leadership. Shirin is committed to helping her clients experience freedom in their lives - freedom from their past, freedom to be self-expressed and the freedom to create the life that they love



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