Keynote Speaking

As a Certified Professional Speaker, Shirin reaches every person in the audience. Her genuine passion for women’s empowerment shines through her message. It’s not just her humility that makes Shirin relatable; it’s her humor and vulnerability. Every speech shares an authentic message of perseverance. 

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Transformation Coach

Shirin empowers women to discover the keys to being true to themselves and being their own North Star. Her approach helps her audience find peace and balance in their lives. 


Shirin is known for being able to express truth in a way that makes you find clarity, think deeply and gain understanding. Her speaking style is simple, sincere and heart touching. She helps to bring acceptance and positivity in your life.


If you're a woman looking to be inspired, if you want to make a change, but are afraid to do so, reach out to Shirin. 



The Shining Star Movement is on it's way!

Captivated by the inner essence of Shirin? It's your time to shine in your own light. Be sure to stay in the loop of the upcoming , powerful workshops. It will send a ripple effect of change into the world. The Be Your Own North Star team is hard at work.


More details to follow.